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We need your help to create new ways of fighting catalase.

Why do we need to develop a way to Shut Down Catalase?

Another critical message from Shannon Brown about shutting down the catalase process to improve people's lives.

Help our cause by donating


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Our foundation needs your help. 10% of all sales and proceeds go to MRSA and Staph research. The total amount required to reach our first goal is $10,000.

Spread the word, share our mission to your friends, and please let us know your needs. We are here to serve. We truly appreciate your support.

The funds raised on this campaign will help pay not just for the product development but for the getting the word out, supplies and everything else they need for the cause.

mrsa treatment Access to our private support community of MRSA fighters & helpers.
mrsa treatment Weekly updates about our process.
mrsa treatment Monthly status reports detailing where your money is helping fight MRSA.
mrsa treatment Sneak peeks into the product development and tools.


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