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  • What is in pHenomenal and how is it made?

Here’s the shortest explanation: It is pure water that has been transformed into an acid “kidnapper”. It is regular water, H2O, (2 hydrogens, 1 oxygen) that is missing 1 hydrogen. Inside your body it seeks, finds and binds with free hydrogen molecules stored in the body (which happen to be acidic). Once bonded (or “kidnapped”) it is now back to water (H2O) which you eliminate through urination. Because of that, you may notice that you urinate more frequently than before drinking it and that- ultimately- is why many people experience a 2-4 pound decrease in their weight in the first week.

The unique manufacturing process involves heat, magnetism, and mineral buffers. The result is a stable liquid that is quite alkaline- yet not dangerous. If you get the pHenomenal water from the bottle on your skin, it will not hurt you, as would lye or caustic soda.

  • How do I mix pHenomenal?

The dilution ratio for pHenomenal is one ounce per 32 ounces of drinking water. If you do not have an ounce measure handy, grab a teaspoon or tablespoon: there are six teaspoons or three tablespoons in a liquid ounce. The gallon size of pHenomenal comes with a pump that dispenses one ounce per pump. The pump needn’t be locked down after use, it is considered a sealed container.    


  • What do I mix pHenomenal with?

You will receive the most the product can provide by using distilled water. The more minerals/total dissolved solids in the water you mix it into, the less effective it will be. If distilled is not available the next best option is reverse osmosis. The least desirable alternative would be mineralized water such as what has gone through an alkaline water machine having had sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium added to the water. Well or city water that is "hard" (leaves mineral deposits behind) would fall into the category of "mineralized". This product will provide results with any water- including tap water if nothing else is available- it's simply the degree of effectiveness that varies. We do not recommend mixing with ozonated water as it can cause gas and/or stomach pains due to the reaction with the ozone; it also reduces the effectiveness of pHenomenal.


  • How should pHenomenal be stored?

Both the concentrate and mixed solution must be kept in a sealed container. Any container (glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc) is fine as long as it has a tight-fitting lid. This is because air contains hydrogen and with time it will bind with the pHenomenal, reducing its efficacy. It is not necessary but feel free to refrigerate your product- neither heat nor cold will change it. Both the concentrate and mixed solution are shelf-stable for years so you do not need to consume it within a short period of time.


  • How much mixed pHenomenal do I drink?

The rule of thumb is 32 ounces of mixed pHenomenal per 100 pounds of body weight. For first-time users we recommend mixing it half-strength (1/2 ounce to 32 ounces of water) for the first few days then move up to regular dilution. It is perfectly fine to drink more pHenomenal than your weight determines, especially before and after exercise as it reduces lactic acid created during exertion. We would not recommend drinking more than twice the amount as determined by your weight in one day.

To realize the most benefit we recommend drinking it on an empty stomach. The more pure, un-reacted pHenomenal water you can get past the stomach and into the small intestine for absorption into the blood stream, the better! That said, the ideal time to drink a large portion of your day’s intake of pHenomenal would be first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. Wait 15-20 minutes before having your breakfast to allow the optimum amount of pHenomenal to pass into the small intestine before waking up your stomach.

Having your pHenomenal first thing in the morning might not work for everyone. If you have eaten something, it’s best to wait about two hours before having pHenomenal so that the stomach acids will have subsided. Some people take pHenomenal on an empty stomach before bed. This works for some people. However, if you get a burst of energy- and you may- you might not be able to get to sleep as quickly as usual. Everyone is different. Find what works best for you.


  • Can I monitor my pH results to see if pHenomenal is eliminating my acidity?

Yes you can! Dr. Gary Martin of Longevity-Formulas Inc. in Arizona has developed this awesome, very accurate pH Test Kit!

This remarkable test kit is simple to use. It uses one drop of urine. It tests for Ammonia Nitrogen in your urine which is an indication of acidity toxicity. A color chart helps you convert the color into a number. You want to keep your results between 1-5. Anything over 5 and you are overly toxic with acidity which will eventually lead to all kinds of symptoms. You cannot depend upon urine pH and saliva pH to give you accurate indications of the acidity level in your body. Only the Ammonia Nitrogen level can do that. This kit does approximately 50 tests and takes about 30 seconds to perform.

Here is the link to order: Flooding the Body with Alkalinity is Not the Same as Removing the Acidity! Use the coupon code: ATKGH for your discount!


  • Why is distilled water the best choice?

Steam distilled water is the best choice because the prolonged boiling process of distillation kills virtually all types of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and parasites and is virtually 99 % free of all impurities including heavy metals and most chemicals.  Additionally, the lack of minerals in distilled water will mean you will be receiving the most the product has to offer.


  • Does baking soda or alkaline water machines provide the same results as pHenomenal water?

These methods can raise blood pH. But consider the following: These two methods work by reacting with stomach acid. We label it as Stomach Acid Neutralization methodology or ‘SAN’. This is not all bad. Why? Neutralized stomach acid must be replenished somehow for digestion to be achieved successfully. Simply speaking, our stomachs will ‘draw’ needed acid out of the bloodstream, thus raising the blood pH in a positive way.

Baking soda, a mild alkali, will react with stomach acid, producing water and other by-products. This reaction neutralizes stomach acid, which again, must be replenished somehow. This is just another example of the Stomach Acid Neutralization methodology described above. It too is a step in the right direction. Although it’s not what we designed it to do, pHenomenal water will react with stomach acid as well, using ‘SAN’ methodology. The by-product of pHenomenal reaction with acid is water, NO other by-products! Testing reveals that that pHenomenal will neutralize five hundred times more stomach acid as will baking soda. Therefore, to match the effectiveness of pHenomenal in this methodology, one will need to utilize a tremendous amount of baking soda compared to pHenomenal. 

Alkaline water machines can certainly be beneficial. However, the water molecules you get from ‘Top of the Line’ Alkaline Water Machines (costing up to $4000) have not been changed to become alkaline. They are simply being ‘rearranged’ as they ‘glob’ onto electron-charged minerals added to the water. That is not a natural state for minerals to exist in. So eventually, the charge wears off the minerals- usually within hours or at most a day or two. Then those water molecules will return to their natural state… plain water and minerals. So what does that accomplish? One needs to understand this to realize the benefits.


  • Can I take my mineral supplements with pHenomenal?

Yes, mineral supplements can be taken with pHenomenal. Leave at least a 1-hour window and try to take them early in the AM or before bed.


  • Can I take pHenomenal with antibiotics or any other prescribed medication?

We want to truthfully relate our experience and insight for anyone who needs that information. In over ten years of customer's experience, we do not have any reason to believe pHenomenal will interact with any medication.


  • Can I administer pHenomenal to someone on dialysis?

In our experience, pHenomenal definitely helps with the oxygen in the blood and overall health. Please consult your doctor and just administer the amount according to the mixing instructions.


  • Is pHenomenal safe for infants and children?

Based on our experience and research, and provided that mixing instructions according to weight and label instructions are followed and reasonable care is exercised, pHenomenal can be used safely for infants and small children.


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