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pHenomenal Water Regular Tasteless 32 Oz Concentrate - Makes 8 Gallons

  • $3750

* New and Improved 12% Stronger

* 11+ pH When Mixed

pHenomenal is pure water that has been transformed into an “acid kidnapper” would be more accurate. It’s H2o (2 hydrogens, 1 oxygen) that is missing 1 hydrogen molecule. Inside you, it seeks, finds and binds with free hydrogen molecules stored in the body (which happen to be acidic). Once bonded (or kidnapped) it has turned back into H2o which you eliminate through urination. Because of that you may notice that you urinate more frequently than before you started drinking it and that, ultimately, is why most people experience a 2-4 pound decrease in their weight in the first few weeks.

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pHenomenal water is easy to make

When you mix it with water and drink it, all it wants to do is find free hydrogen and bind it up. When it finds free hydrogen the pHenomenal becomes a H2O water molecule again.

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